The adoption program at the Croc Bank helps us to continually maintain and improve our programs which are aimed at a future for endangered herpetofauna, both Indian and foreign.
The cost for adoption of each of our animals involves the costs of feed, maintenance, vet care and adoption signage in the park. The program allows the adopter to visit their adopted animal throughout the year and gives them a chance to view the direct effects of their contribution.
An email with the payment details will be sent to the prospective adopter within 3 days.Payment transaction completion.You are now an official part of our reptilian family!
An individual who is interested to donate for a special cause. A family who is interested in conserving species. Make a meaningful gift to someone special for a birthday or an anniversary. Schools, clubs and corporations are all welcome to adopt an animal. Inspire children to learn the importance of wildlife conservation and teamwork. The adopted animal can be your Conservation Mascot for the year! The adoption process allows more than one adopter per animal. For more details, please email

As a Thank You from us, you will receive the following,

  • A social media shout-out on all our platforms
  • An Adoption certificate
  • The birth certificate
  • Surprise goodies
  • Payment receipt
  • An entry badge- free entry for a year

Reptile Categories


A Big Thank You to our current Adopters

Aarav Shravan

Anshul Joshi

Ayati Kele

Surajit Mahapatra

Anuli Vyas

Sriranjini and Siddarth

Nandini Mani and Shreyas Gokhale.

Ishwarya and Vetrivel

Venkatesh Balasubramanian

M.Kumaresh & M.S.Aparajita

Mahesh Subramanian G & Bhargavi Sekar

Smaran N A and Anusha R Nandan

Sanjay sudarsan & Sanjit sudarsan

Vidhuran Arjun Ravindran

Aishwarya Kumar and Anshuman Paranjape

Kiara Mathur

Reyaan Prakaash

Aradhana Venkat

Samanvitha vallabh

Jose Charles Martin

Venkatesh Balasubramanian

Athiyan aka Athi Boy

Athiba Balasubramanian

Ganesan Guruswamy

Bhavana Balasubramanian




Dr. Anusha

K.V. Rajasekaran


Ishaan Joshi

Krithika Krishnan

Dipshikha Singha


Arindam Ghosh

Aditi Prabhudeva

Reha salvi

Sana Shrutika R

J K Amitesh

Friends Of Wildpaper

Sanjana Uppili & Raghav.G

Meenakshi Janakiraman

Athiba Balasubramanian

Sandhya Sathish Kumar


Aarthi and Yogi

Pratab K.S

Veda Karthik

Sanjana Sukumar

Atulya Venkatesh