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Observations on feed preference and behaviour in the Travancore tortoise

Our Travancore tortoises are one of two groups breeding successfully in captivity worldwide. Previously thought to exist in Sulawesi, this species was found to be endemic to the Western Ghats. These animals are active during the crepuscular period. Females here lay 1 – 6 eggs, usually after rainfall, throughout the year. While observing the individuals, you need to be careful concerning noise because they stop what they are doing, and become interested in you! An excellent opportunity to study the behaviour of tortoises, inclusive of feeding time preferences, interactions between animals, dependence on the water source, courtship, combat between males.

Adult Travancore tortoise breeding enclosure (off exhibit)

What to study:
• Feed preferences
• Social behaviour of the animals.

Observations at regular time slots

• Thermohydrometer
• Data sheet