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Reticulated Python (Python reticulatus)

This is the world’s longest reptile and is characterized by the diamond-shaped pattern. This species is native throughout coastal SE Asia (Myanmar to the Nicobar Islands, Peninsular Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia). They are constrictors and swallow their prey whole (usually head first). We have one individual up for adoption curled up and waiting for a special family.

Green Anaconda(Eunectes murinus)

Heaviest snake on the planet, growing to 5.5m and weighing 150 kgs. This species is distributed in South America and is semi-aquatic in nature. A large anaconda can eat a caiman. We have two individuals up for adoption, and the best part is you can get to name your foster snakes!

Rock Python(Python molurus)

A non-venomous species found across South Asia. Did you know, rock pythons have heat-sensitive pits which help them to locate their prey? We have three individuals up for adoption, and you will get to name your foster snake!