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Komodo Dragon (Varanus komodoensis)

Smaug came to us in 2016 from the Bronx Zoo in New York. These dragons are originally from the Komodo Islands in Indonesia and are apex predators in their native habitat. SMAUG, our celebrity Komodo is 4 years old now and is a bright, inquisitive guy. Komodos are the world’s heaviest living lizard species (160 kgs)!

Green Iguanas(Iguana iguana)

The Green Iguanas are originally from South America. Contrary to popular belief, they cannot change colour! Our two Iguanas are about seven years old and enjoy gorging on a variety of fruits, vegetables and greens twice a day. They also need much attention from our staff and volunteers, who spend time with them and mist them with water to keep them cool. The contact also habituates the lizards to people, so they don't get scared.

Asian Water Monitor(Varanus salvator)

The widest distributed of all Monitor lizards, ranging from Sri Lanka in the north-west to in the north-east, all the way down to Java in the south. They are the longest lizards in the world. Monitor lizards at the Croc Bank can be seen climbing branches, making tunnels, swimming, or just spread out in the open soaking in the sun. When cornered, they don't bite but can use their tail as a whip. We have three individuals up for adoption, and the best part is you do not get whipped when you adopt them!