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Dive duration in the Gharial

Crocodiles are known for their ability to stay underwater for a long time, sometimes over an hour. Our underwater exhibit, one of its kind in Asia, allows for viewing a gharial from an entirely differ-ent perspective. Being piscivores (fish-eaters), the turtles in the enclosure are not at risk, as the male in this enclosure, gets fed Tilapia (an invasive fish from Africa) several times a month. The gharial is among the largest crocodile of the 23 crocodilian species, reaching a remarkable length of 5m!

Gharial underwater enclosure.

What to study:
Duration of dives

• Observations at regular time slots
• How many times does the Gharial stay submerged and surfaces
• How much time is spent on each activity

• Water /Ambient temperature recorders
• Data sheets
• Camera