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Nest defence in crocodilians- Seasonal (March to July)

Many years ago, parental care was mentioned by philosopher Pliney, in the Nile crocodile. Mothers will guard their nests against predators, and this includes humans too! Primarily focused on the marsh crocodile, this study is interesting and can lead to understanding the level of parental care exhibited by these animals. A few questions, we can look at are
• Do mothers “starve” themselves for the duration of the incubation period, 60 – 80 days?
• How do they get along with mothers that have laid nearby?
• Do males play a part in nest attendance?


What to study:
• Interactions between females that have laid nests
• Location of the female at set periods of the day/night with relative to her nest site
• Temperature selection of females

Direct observations

• Thermo-hydrometer
• Binoculars
• Data sheets