The volunteer program is open for enthusiasts who have the commitment and enthusiasm to contribute proactively and adapt to the daily rigours of a zoo. Over the years, we have benefited enormously from a positive working relationship.

As a volunteer, you will have an opportunity to work in different components of the zoo; Research, Education and Zoo maintenance. The program has received wide attention and appreciation, and past volunteers have spoken and written about it as enriching, inspiring and immensely valuable. Moreover, many of them have gone on to establish impressive wildlife careers.

With so many different research projects running, there is always something interesting to work here.

Projects we currently conduct are:


1. For more details of costs involved and other information please mail us at
2. Submit the application form as a PDF document only. Please note incomplete applications will not be processed.
3. Once the applications are screened, prospective candidates are notified of a Skype interview.
4. Selected candidates are informed of the application status within a week after the interview date.

We invest plenty of resources in our volunteer program, and we require a minimum commitment of two weeks and a maximum of 1 month. Primarily, we are in search of options to utilise your existing skills. Moreover, we also train you in various conservation skills and techniques.


• Presentations, documentaries, talks, and trails are conducted.
• Interaction with researchers/scientists/ biologists who visit us.


Dormitory style (sharing basis).


Simple food (primarily vegetarian).


India’s most extensive herpetological books and articles.


The Croc Bank backs onto a lovely beach, and an evening visit is a perfect end to your day.