The volunteer program is for those who have an interest in reptiles and are ready to adapt to the rigors of the daily running of a zoo. This program for enthusiasts, 18 years and above, helps to support the Croc Bank through fiscal contributions and much needed practical assistance with our multifarious tasks. The program is open to people who have the vision, commitment and enthusiasm to proactively contribute to the conservation of reptiles. Over the years the Croc Bank has benefited enormously from this positive working relationship.

As a Volunteer, you will have an opportunity to work in different areas throughout the zoo. Zoo Support , Education and an individual research project. With so many different research projects running, there will always be something interesting to work on.

Facilities available for volunteers

  • Accommodation: – Dormitory style (sharing basis).

  • Food: A canteen which serves simple food (mild Indian food, primarily vegetarian).

  • Library: India’s most extensive reptile Library.

  • Presentations, documentaries, talks, and trails are conducted.

  • Interaction with researchers/scientists/ biologists who visit us.

Croc Bank backs onto a lovely beach. A walk along the Croc Bank beach and a refreshing swim in the warm Indian Ocean is a perfect end to your stay.

Procedure for Application

Request for a volunteer form, details of costs involved and other information from

We invest a great deal of resources into our volunteer program and do not offer a one time or any less than two week program. Our short-term volunteer program is between 2-4 weeks and our long-term volunteer program is 5 weeks and over.
When we review the volunteer forms, we are looking at options for you to utilise your existing skills, but also commit to teaching you new skills and techniques to make the visit valuable for you as well.